Casual Sex for Surfers – Crash Course

So you’re a surfer and Tinder is too vanilla for you?

Well, you’re not alone in that. Dating for surfers has always been slightly more difficult. But once you get a taste of kink it’s even more difficult to date without it. For a lot of people, it’s a necessity to have some sort of variation in their sex life even if they’re just looking for a casual fuck friend. Whether that variation be a difference in sexual roles, partners, or sensations during sexual play, the variation is needed and craved.  It all boils down to using the right app, and using these 5 steps to hookup with anyone.

As someone who’s grown tired of the vanilla dating scene – but is forced to operate within its confines – I’m always looking for apps and dating service that look to cater to the freakier members of society.

Formerly 3nder, Feeld is an app that advertises itself as dating for “open-minded couples and singles”. After being hit with a lawsuit from Tinder, 3nder was forced to change their name. They seemed to have seen the opportunity to rebrand themselves as well by changing the direction of their app from facilitating threesomes to expanding to facilitating dating for the open-minded… whatever that means.

For me the beauty is in the ambiguity. Open-minded can mean so many different things. That can mean you’re open to a threesome or you’re looking for someone into fetish; what I’m saying is that the possibilities are endless. This app seems to be for anyone who’s looking to try something adventurous. Honestly, Feeld is filling the hole that had yet to be filled by Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel and OkCupid. The gaping hole in dating services for – whatever you define as – open-minded people has been patched!

I signed up for the app and did some exploring. Here are some of the features I really liked:

• You can connect your profile to your partner’s
If you’re an open-minded couple, you can connect your profiles! They show that you’re linked in a relationship and feature both member’s gender and sexuality on one profile. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of explaining to your matches that you have a SO, and yes they know you’re on a dating app.

• In-app warnings about people with no bio
I like that the app automatically inserts a warning about profiles with no bio. The prepopulated text explains that blank profiles are never a good sign and to be careful about what information you share with that person. While this might seem like common sense to most, a pretty face can be pretty blinding to some.

• Only able to upload photos from Facebook
Even though it’s pretty easy to make a catfish account that you can link to any dating app, it is somewhat reassuring that you have to connect your profile to a Facebook profile and that it only allows you to upload photos from said profile.

• There’s a ton of sexualities to choose from
Are you something other than gay, straight, or bi? Good! Because they probably have your sexuality listed! Which is very exciting.

• Reasonably price upgrade with decent features
Most dating apps have some sort of pay-walled upgrade, but I think that the most value comes with Feeld! Since there’s no swiping through only to find you can’t swipe back, they don’t charge you to go back and see missed potential matches. They do however allow you the option to hide from Facebook friends on Feeld and allow you to see who’s liked you before deciding where you stand on them. I think that the award for the best value for a dating app upgrade definitely goes to this app.

Here’s The Best Fuckbook Site Out There


Are you looking for a site that combines the social aspect of Facebook with the dating aspect of Tinder?

Then look no further, because we’ve stumbled across the best fuckbook site on the internet.

Social media / dating hybrid websites aren’t exactly new ground, but it takes good marketing, good exposure, and a lot of effort to make one which stands out from the crowd. For every Tinder, there are a hundred failed hookup apps. For every Facebook, there are a thousand empty social media sites. However, there’s one site which takes the best of both of these platforms and combines them into one incredible site:

Insta Fuck is rapidly gaining a lot of attention thanks to its straightforward formula. It’s a social media site at its core, but it’s targeted towards people looking for hookups, casual relationships and anything in between.

If you’ve clicked the link, you’ll immediately see that Instafuck makes no qualms about its intentions. Right away, you’ll be told that this is a hookup app for people looking for no strings fun tonight. Unlike a lot of similar sites, Insta Fuck has put an incredible amount of effort into making its page look as attractive as possible without losing any functionality. Whether you’re browsing on desktop or phone, there’s no confusion at all about what to do.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be greeted with your homepage. Insta fuck will instantly find people local to you and give you access to their profiles, their photos and their timelines. It pretty much follows the same rules as Facebook, but you’ll be glad to know that you won’t find any mundane rubbish on here. If you’re sick of seeing pictures of what your old school friends are having for dinner, then Insta Fuck might be the perfect site for you.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Insta Fuck is the ratio of men to women who are already signed up. While the number of male users slightly edge the female users, there’s almost an equal balance of men and women when inactive profiles are taken into account. On a standard site (including the big name ones like POF and Match), men usually outnumber their female counterparts by at least 20%.

The site is entirely free to use, and the only additional costs are completely optional. Messaging is totally free and there are no restrictions in place whatsoever. Send as many messages as you like to as many people as you like.

Unlike POF, OK Cupid and Match, Insta Fuck allows you to create a timeline of posts in the same vein as Facebook. This is a perfect way to continually post updates about yourself without having to constantly edit your profile. It also means you can create a more fully-formed picture of your personality, your likes and your dislikes without having to limit yourself to a short biography.

While a handful of fake accounts might slip through from time to time, the Insta fuck team work tirelessly to weed out fakers and bots and instantly remove them from their platform. This ensures that pretty much everyone you come into contact with on Social Sex is as genuine as you are.

Whether it’s a one night stand, a casual fuckbuddy or something more, head over to Insta Fuck today to find out what’s on offer. You won’t regret it.

Top 3 Beaches to Surf in La Jolla

1.) Black’s Beach

Black’s Beach is a hidden section of beach underneath the cliffs of Torrey Pines, and it is now officially a part of Torrey Pines State Beach. Black’s Beach is probably most known for its reputation as San Diego’s one and only nude beach, even though that’s not allowed in the more southern portion managed by the City of San Diego. Black’s Beach originally got its name from the Black family who had a horse farm that looked over the beach, back in the 1940s. After a while, they sold the property and it was split into various La Jolla Farms lots. The Farms’ population were the only selected people who had access to the Black family’s private road to the beach, which at that time was a very covered up private keepsake. You can still see a lot of these callosal houses today. Watch out for the strangely-shaped “Mushroom House” and its identical replica the next time you’re taking a walk down the beach. The southern part of Black’s Beach is a legendary spot for surfers, known as one of the most intense surf breaks in Southern California. The waves gather up their strength from Scripps Canyon, which is an underwater canyon that’s just offshore in the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park. With that being said, Black’s has become a relatively cautious surf spot and is only advised by very experienced surfers.

2.) Windandsea

There are so many different reef breaks scattered throughout La Jolla, most of which lie preserved for the nicer part of the year only to come to life theatrically on the perfect mixture of swell and tide. La Jolla Cove, for instance, is a quaint deep water beach meant for snorkeling, however once or twice every winter, strong north swell transforms it into a huge left point. Although far from being the best-kept secret, the more unknown breaks around La Jolla and Bird Rock are hard to find, difficult to surf and best left to advanced surfers to discover on their own. Windansea is worth mentioning for it’s literally San Diego’s most vibrant and most surfable break. And of course, it also happens to be one of the most popular and packed beaches in San Diego. Marine Street Beach is a famous shore break seriously meant for bodyboarding and the special brand of body surfing, which is known as womping.

3.) Mission Beach

Mission Beach starts at the entrance to Mission Bay Channel and it comes to an end at the North side of Pacific Beach. During the summertime, Mission Beach brings in huge crowds. It contains two miles of gorgeous coastline and includes a little something for everybody. You can walk along the boardwalk, where biking, walking, skating, biking and all other similar forms of transportation are permitted. You’ll be able to shop around along the Strand, ride a huge roller coaster or take part in a game of beach volleyball. Surfing is allowed at this beach in specific areas. Mission Beach is known as the most popular place in La Jolla to go surfing.

The video below shows some surfing in La Jolla, California.