Guide to Internet Weather/Geophysical

Guide to Internet Weather/Geophysical

This is a guide to Internet sources of meteorological, oceanographic, and geophysical data.


1) Overview
2) How to get a current copy of this document
3) How to use this document
4) Topic Index
5) List of sites
6) How to use the data retrieval methods Each (major) section has a “Subject:” line, so you can search on the subject title above to find the section quickly.

This is part 1 of a guide to various sources of meteorological, oceanographic, and geophysical data. Some of these data sets are intended for enjoyment or hobbyist use; other data are more research-oriented.

Much of the research data is not free and is not directly available over the network; usually, only information about this data is available, and you must place an order for the actual data. The contents of this series of FAQs are:

occidentally Part 1: Meteorological data available via the Internet Part 2: Meteorological data available via tape, CD-ROM, and other media

The section on mailing lists which used to be included in this FAQ is now a separate FAQ, “Mailing lists and newsgroups for meteorology”.

This article is copyright (c) 1993,1994 by Ilana Stern.

It may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes only, provided that this copyright notice and the instructions on retrieving a current copy are not removed.

The information in this article is provided as-is, with no warranties or assurances as to its accuracy.

I prefer that archives maintain current copies since this information changes rapidly.

If you would like to put this article in an archive and want to receive a new copy automatically at every update, please send me email.

Corrections, additions, and comments should be sent to Ilana Stern at Please include in your message where you read this document. Note that if I know about it, it’s in this document.

provigil no prescription Subject: How to get a current copy of this document

If you are reading this document after 18 Oct 1994, you are reading an
outdated copy. A current copy can be obtained by anonymous FTP to, from the file weather/data/part1 in the directory
/pub/usenet/news.answers. These files are updated every two weeks
when a new copy is posted to sci.geo.meteorology, news. answers,
and sci. answers. This document also appears on the mailing lists
CLIMLIST and met-stud, which are described in the FAQ, “Mailing Lists
for Meteorology”.

If you can’t use FTP, send email to with
send /pub/usenet/news.answers/weather/data/part1
as the only text in the message (leave the subject blank).

Other sources for this document:
(in somewhat hypertext form!)

order Quetiapine no rx Subject: How to use this document

As the amount of information available over the networks has been increasing, so have the methods by which this information can be obtained.

No longer is direct usage of FTP the only, or even the most frequent, method of obtaining data; we now have Gopher, Wais, and WWW, as well as many site-specific interfaces.

Because the information itself may be accessible in many different ways, this FAQ will identify resources in terms of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators).

This will also help convert this FAQ to a hypertext document, so that it can be used with a WWW browser to go directly to any of the listed sources.

This section lists the names and access protocol of sites of interest, with a brief blurb as to their contents. See section 5 for more information about these sites. Some sites appear more than once under different subject headings. Some sites have identical contents; please use the site closest to you.

Martin Ofilak

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