Top 3 Surfing Websites You Need to Check Out

1.) Surfline

Surfline was launched back in 1985 originally as a pay-per-call telephone surf report by Jerry Arnold, a Southern California in a team along with David Wilk and Craig Masuoka, who had started the Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. More than 50 surfers were hired to broadcast dawn surf conditions from their nearby surf breaks to a central office located in Huntington Beach, California. Here,  a unique phone system set these reports to be approachable for callers for 50 cents per caller. The phone number, 976-SURF, became pretty popular in the world of surfing. The company got about 6,000 calls per day in the course of its first month and its reputation only moved up from there. The launch of and the ever-growing dependence on the real-time footage has evolved the lifestyles of surfers. Along with the improvements in the technologies and the ability to tell what the surfing conditions will be like at various locations, it has provided surfers with the chance to make plans ahead of time and make logical choices on where to surf or if it’s even worth it to go anywhere. The way it used to go was that surfers would depend on what they heard through the grapevine, seasonal tendencies or tides to tell how the surf was going to be on that particular day. Many used to take days off from work based on this useless information and then would inevitably be bummed when there would be no waves in sight that day or there would also be those days where the surf was perfect and surfers would miss out on it, regretfully.

2.) NSP Surfboards

NSP is known to feature a huge selection of high-quality appliances such as fins, paddles, board bags, and leashes. At NSP, they go one step further in the technology, design, and manufacturing tactics that are used in every single one of their boards. When you go to purchase an NSP Surf or SUP, you can securely be ensured that strictly that concentrated research, development, design, manufacturing and customer care comes with every single thing they do. They understand and show appreciation towards the environment and the earth that everyone lives within. They are glad to contain their sustainability values and years of importing new technologies and practices to lower the number of environmental dents all throughout their  Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project.

NSP or New Surf Project is known to generate awesomely performing, highly stable boards that last much longer than boards built in the old school fashion. These boards offer amazing value to all their website visitors and a much better return on investments for surf schools and rental operators while lowering landfill waste. Go and join their community, register to become an NSP rider and live the adventure, as they say.

3.) Surfer Today is the news site of all things surfing. The website contains the hottest headlines from the universe of wave sports, which includes kiteboarding, surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and skimboarding, along with content that is updated daily, all on surf adventures and atmosphere.

If you want to see Huntington waves up close, watch the YouTube video below!